2021 Pro Football Tryouts

For more information on what to expect at Pro/Professional Football Tryouts to better prepare yourself to be successful, head to this page and read more. If you are not ready, not in shape and not prepared you will NOT succeed. https://www.prosportsgroup.com/professional-football-tryout-information/

Rivals – RPFL Tryouts http://www.rivalsnation.com/tryouts/

Rivals Open Tryouts for 2021 will start in April, click the link above for more details.

CFL Football Tryouts Main Page https://www.cfl.ca/tryouts/

CFL cancelled all US tryouts for 2020, look to 2021 for those to startup again in the early spring.

BC Lions CFL Pro Tryouts https://www.bclions.com/opentryouts/

Eskimos CFL Pro Tryouts https://www.esks.com/open-tryouts/

Calgary Stampeders CFL Pro Tryouts https://www.stampeders.com/tryouts/

Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL Tryouts https://www.riderville.com/open-tryouts/

Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL Tryouts https://www.bluebombers.com/free-agent-camps/

Toronto Argonauts CFL Tryouts https://www.argonauts.ca/open-tryouts/

Montreal Alouettes CFL Tryouts https://en.montrealalouettes.com/alouettes-open-tryouts/