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I am Sport Agent Advisor Alice Meikle, who is a former Litigation Paralegal. My love for dealing with people and my passion for sports have led to the switch in my career. When my friends found out that I was making a career change, they all gave me the thumbs up, knowing that Alice and the Sports Agent Advisor business would be a perfect fit. I believe that my years of experience in Sports & Entertainment Law, Sport Administration, Sport Event Planning, Marketing and Public Relations will help to propel me into to the business, and my "no fear" attitude will help me to knock on all the doors for my clients. Athletes are truly gifted people, who need agent advisors, who are well rounded and connected in the business. Over the years, I became involved with sports and sporting events, nationally and especially in the Miami community.


Career Info

I am a current Executive Committee Member for the Orange Bowl Ambassadors, and a hard working PGA of America Volunteer. I am drawn to the Sport Agent Business, as I feel that there is a need to build strong relationships with the players, by helping to polish their images, identify post career opportunities, acting as a liaison between coaches, players, and families, and by providing other resources including but not limited to contract negotiation, endorsements/sponsorships and community relations. I will provide services in the following sports - Golf, Tennis, and Football & Basketball, as I am very familiar with CFL, AFL, NFLE, NFL, WNBA, NBA, ATP and PGA. As a former Publicist and Public Relations professional, I will continue to further my education in my field. I am a Florida Supreme Certified Mediator and Arbitrator, who will be attending the Harvard University's Project on Negotiating Seminar in the spring of 2006. Having competed in sports during high school, I believe in competition, I am driven, determined and fearless about this sporting business and I will fight for each player like he/she is a No. 1 draft pick. My hobbies including playing golf and tennis, traveling, attending sporting events, and listening to my extensive collection of jazz CDs.


CFL Players Agent AFL Players Agent Pro Sports Group Certification Multi-States registration.

Marketing Information

January 19, 2008- North Miami Beach, Florida - AMM Sports Management, LLC's President/CEO Alice Meikle has been busy with recruiting clients in an effort to bill an empire like her favorite TV character Jerry McGuire. Her clients are content with her, mainly because she is a motivator and someone who gets the job done. If you are playing football any where near the US and Canada and is a member of the AMM Sports list of players then you would have received her daily quotes, locker-room like speeches before each game and a listening ear after a loss. That is rare nowadays for an agent with such a portfolio of clients to find time to even keep up. Alice is a hungry shark and that is evident in her results. Last season alone she had over 34 AFL players under contract in camp, majority of who were rookies. This season, Alice has acquired even more clients and has a list of around 70 players. She credits this to being a workaholic, but anyone who is around her for a moment will see that she has the energy and personality for the agent business. Alice is one of these agents, who came to the industry to clear the myth about agents and their greed for money. She is very proud of her AFL and CFL clients, and although one day she hopes to land that number one draft pick, she remains fired up about where she is right now and the caliber of players she has acquired. In speaking with Alice, she describes herself as a fearless go-getter. Her attention to details and the care she has for her clients, their families, the coaches and even the ball club is beyond what you would expect. Why would an agent care about a ball club, the coaches or teammates, it's all about relationships, she said. Sports Agent Alice Meikle is a former Litigation Administrator, whose love for dealing with people and passion for sports has led her to switch her career. Alice's negotiation skills and contract experience is obvious with her rookie contracts. If you talk to her clients, they are young men who respect her decisions and live up to her expectations. Alice believes that athletes are truly gifted people, who need agents that are smart, trustworthy and connected in the business. She is a firm believer in the off the field involvement for her clients, and is very passionate about helping her clients to give back to their communities. Her clients list includes Michael Bishop, Anthony Hines, Josh Bush, Alex Wallace, Idris Price, Johnnie Harris, Steve Gonzalez, Antwone Savage, Peter Lazare, David Crocker, Brent Holmes, Reggie Doster, Kenney Solomon, Chad Ruffin, Chaz Murphy, Paul Cannings and Terrell Browden, Jamar Ransom, James Robinson, Tony Fricklin and a number of rookies who will be on an active roster in a city near you. An avid golfer, Alice resides in North Miami Beach, Florida with her son Jordan, 16, daughter Ashleigh, 15 and their dog named Angel.

Services Offered

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Endorsements
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • MMA
  • Post-Career Planning
  • Team Placement
  • Tryouts

Mission Statement

Division I, II or III you are NO. 1 to me.


Other Info/Comments

Over 70 clients in AFL anf CFL.

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