Eric Vaughn


As a former player, I understand the demands for marketability, and the limits of time for such things. That is why I sought out an agent of my own when I pursued my football dream, and now that life has moved me out of the game, I have turned to marketing players to return the favor in life that had been afforded me. An agent is an extension of your vision, and goals for the game, and I pride myself on lending my talents, capabilities, knowledge, and experience to make sure that each player is handled to their needs. Each player as an individual has their own needs for security in understanding what it is exactly their representation is doing for them, and that is where National Sports Group steps in. "A personal company, for a personal relationship, for personal achievements, on your personal goals."


East Tennessee State University West Virginia State University

Career Info

Collegiate Player in D1AA European - GFL NIFL AF2 AFL And limited CFL...


Marketing Information

National Sports Group has partnered with one of the nation's largest scouting companies which has over 40 years combined in the scouting business. NSG can now offer unlimited exposure to direct scouts to ALL LEVELS to magnify the attention to the client.

Services Offered

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Endorsements
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • MMA
  • Personal Athletic Training
  • Post-Career Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Team Placement
  • Tryouts

Mission Statement

National Sports Group exists to advance the abilities of individual players by holding them to a rigorous and demanding workout, while marketing them to the best of my abilities and according to the player's talents.


Other Info/Comments

I look forward to assisting any players of all levels from sub-leagues to major, in advancing you as an athlete and as a person. Building an athlete is only half the battle!

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