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Welcome to the exciting world of professional sports and the FOSTER SPORTS AND CONSULTING AGENCY LLC team. Now that you have made it to this level of your athletic career, it is important that you have a complete team of professionals, dedicated and committed to putting your needs and career first. At FOSTER SPORTS AND CONSULTING AGENCY LLC, our number one principle is to service our clients with Honesty, Integrity, provide Christian Values, and have a plan set for their future. As President & CEO of Foster Sports and Consulting Agency LLC, Ken focuses primarily of the effectiveness and successful negotiation of contracts, getting sponsorships, workouts and endorsements for clients. He is a Certified Agent to represent Canadian and Arena football players (AFL1/AFL2 and others), and coaches on all levels. Mr. Foster also works as a NFL Agent Advisor, a NFL, WNBA and MLB Agent Consultant. As a Agent Consultant, I am available to do workshops/seminar for student athletes and parents on what's involved in "Selecting an Agent" My style of work are based on Christian morals and values. As your Agent, Advisor, or Consultant, I will demonstrate honesty, dedication and integrity. Our Agency is dedicated to being the best we can be, and doing the best for our clients. Our motto is "Putting Our Clients 1st". As a strong believer in solid relationships, I've spent the last 30 years coaching and molding young athletes (male and female) into respectable, competitive and strong minded athletes. During those 30 years, I've built strong bonding relationships with athletes and their families. Relationships are the foundation for any Agent. Together we can build a team working toward the same goal, "your future". I've been blessed to coach young men who are now playing in the NFL, and playing professional baseball. As of today, I am representing four players and have negotiated numerous contracts. Becoming a Sports Agent and Consultant was something I've always wanted to do since I work with athletes on a daily basic. I decided to put my faith in God and let him plan my future representing athletes. I am a family oriented person with strong Christian values. Spiritual guidance plays a big part when dealing with professional athletes and their financial future. (Proverb 6:6-8) says that: "it is prudent to set aside resources for the future". My integrity is my stone, my word is my bond, and my work ethic is unmatched. Do as I do, walk by FAITH not by sight. Behind every honest agent, there's a good woman. I want to thank my wife Margie for the encouragement and prayers. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU and GOD BLESS YOU honey. (Team Work) If it is CONSULTING or REPRESENTING, we are here to assist you. We will accept all DVD / VIDEO tapes to review as long as they do not have any type of PROFANITY on them. The DVD / VIDEOS will be sent out to professional teams to preview. We have also expanded into representing "musicians" in all areas especially church piano and organ players.


Graduate of Ball High School (Galveston, TX.) Texas Southern University (Houston, TX.) Dean List at Texas Southern University B.S. Degree M.S. Degree 3.4 GPA Notary Republic Pro Sports Group Graduate, Member of Pro Sports Group "Agent Advisory Council "

Career Info

I am currently working as a Football Agent with the CFL, AFL, AFL2, NIFL, UIFL, European Football Leagues, Basketball Agent with the CBA, ABA, NBDL, and European teams and Baseball Agent with the MLBL and Minor League. I also serve as an NFL Agent Consultant to help you negoiate your contract if you want to represent yourself, and help you in selecting an agent. We are now representing "Entertainers" (actors, musicians).


Certified Canadian Football League Agent, License Notary Republic, NFL / NBA / MLBA Agent Consultant Certified CPR Instructor Pro Sports Group Certification State Registrations: Arizona Washington Hawaii Montana Michigan Wyoming Vermont Washington

Marketing Information

We put our clients first. We put you in the spotlight and get you the exposured.  "You Play Hard, We Work Hard" for you !

Services Offered

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Endorsements
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Personal Athletic Training
  • Post-Career Planning
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Tax Preparation
  • Team Placement
  • Tryouts

Mission Statement

Total commitment to our clients from the first day of signing to their retirement, provide the highest quality of service, get the most for our clients, put our clients in the best possible position to be successful, and always be available when our clients need us. " Anyone willing to be corrected is on the pathway of life. Anyone refusing has lost his chance" (Proverb 10:17) President: Ken Foster


Other Info/Comments

1. We will never do anything to recruit you or jeopardize your eligibility 2. We will not distract or disrupt you during you athletic season. 3. We will never initiate contact with you or family member before 8:00 am or after 10:00 pm (only emergencies) 4. We will never pressure you to make a decision If you are looking for someone you can trust, depend on, hard working and honest, give us a call (713) 899-2054 or fax (281) 337-9270. We are available to do workshops for parents concerning "Selecting An Agent" .. We Put Our Clients First! "Pro Sports Group is an awesome company to be a part of. I've talked to other companies who would not share the important information needed to be successful in the Sports Agent business. Whenever I needed any information I would just give Pro Sports Group a call and they were willing to help. Keep up the good work because you are number one in my book." Kenneth Foster "FSCA" WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT FOSTER SPORTS AND CONSULTING AGENCY LLC Jared Fuller WR Sask. Roughriders (CFL), Bossier City Battlewings (AFL2), Texas Copperheads (AFL2) Mr. Foster was a pleasure to work with! He was always there as an excellent advisor for motivation, encouragement, legal matters as well as spiritually. He's a great person to have on your side during those time of uncertaincy!! Brian Carroll WR Texas Copperhead (AFL2), Austin Wranglers (AFL2) "Mr. Foster and I have a great business relationship, he's consistent and that beneficial to me" Dezerrit Cropp OL Omaha Beef (UIL), Sioux City Bandits (UIL) "Mr. Foster makes sure you get the resources available to help you with your professional career, and he works as if you are his only client" Rakiem Rowland DB Yakima Valley Warriors (AIFA), New Mexico Wildcats (AIFA) "Mr. Foster is a great person. He has helped me a lots by pushing me to reach my goal and get to the next level. He's also a good friend to me and my family" Jeremy Glover QB Ogden Knights (AIFA), Austin Turfcats (AIFA) "Mr. Foster has done a great job finding a team interested in my talents. Without him I would be sitting at home missing out on my dream of playing football. He does a great job calling and checking to see how things are going." James Cray WR Tennessee Vipers (AFL2) "Mr. Foster is a person that will represent you well, teach you the business, and what it takes to become a man in this professional" Malalai Mokofisi LB University of Utah " Mr. Foster is a family oriented man with great Christian values. He has helped me find teams to play for and is a very diligent worker that puts his clients first" " One thing I stress to all my clients is put God in their lives and work toward getting their degree." Mr. Foster

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