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The Importance of “Sports Agents Advertising”

As a participant in the Sports Agent Web Advertising program, your bio will be posted on our website and you will athletes contacting you! Your information will be read by hundreds to thousands of athletes looking for agents. You will have a web presence which lists your certifications, personal message, achievements, goals, statements, education, and goals. The bio works for you 24×7. Receive exposure to thousands of potential clients and sponsors. The athletes contact you directly without a middle man. You do the screening and select the athletes with the greatest potential. Pro Sports Group is available to assist and advice for a fast start. If you get overwhelmed with athletes calling (yes, we said, overwhelmed with athletes) . We can offer a service to provide a method for them to contact you without tying up your business line. Those agents who have certified agent status are those who succeed the fastest.

Participation in the Sports Agent Web Program requires that you take our course or be a certified agent in the sport you will be listed in. Individuals who order the Professional Sports Agent Package and successfully complete the Sports Agent Course will qualify to participate in the Sports Agent Web Program as part of the package. You will need to complete your official league certification. Upon joining the Agent Web Advertising you will build a web bio page at Pro Sports Group that includes your picture, biography, services you provide, marketing information, contact information, and much more. Potential clients will now be able to see what you do and reach out to you. Call forwarding allows Athletes to reach you wherever you are. Web Listing gives 24 x 7 exposures.

sports agent advertisingHow do athletes contact me?

We receive thousands of inquiries from Athletes looking for agents each month. We refer Athletes to the agent pages. Your web page receives a very high exposure rate. Each page has a contact form where Athletes request you contact them directly. You must be a certified agent of Pro Sports Group course graduate to be listed here or a certified agent. You can list your telephone number and personal web site. The athlete fills out the form and they are emailed directly to your address on file.

Below was from an inquiry from an individual who contacted Pro Sports Group looking for a sports agent to represent him. It is fairly typical so we are using it as an example. We have instructed the athletes to give complete detail in their forms to the agents. See the “Athletes Looking for Agents” button on the main page.

“My name is Marcus Nash. I played college football at UT with Peyton Manning from 1994-1998. I was a first round draft pick with the Denver Broncos. I played 1 1/2 seasons with Denver and 1 1/2 season with the Ravens. I was injured and out with a broken jaw one whole season. I was released because I had not been productive. I am now healthy, 30 lbs. heavier, 4.3 speed and at the top of my game. I am matured, focused and my body is still in top shape. I am currently playing my second year in the AFL and first year for the Las Vegas Gladiators; and leading the league in catches and TD’s.”

“My ultimate goal is to return to the NFL and prove to myself and to everybody that I am the same quality of player when first recruited in college.”

“I would like to hear from you as soon as possible.”
“Thank you”
Marcus Nash
Sports Agent Web Advertising Benefits

* Number One Benefit is lots of athletes to chose from
* You are listed in the sport(s) you are certified in.
* You create your own bio page via a simple form you fill out.
* You can maintain your web page (modifications, changes, etc.)
* Your bio page will be viewed by athletes looking for sports agents
* Professional services are available through Pro Sports Group’s members (legal, financial, private jet, luxury mortgage, etc.)
* Hundreds of potential clients contact you direct
* Picture – At this time we add the picture to your bio.
* Biography – You create but we can assist if desired by you.
* Credentials and service you perform are included
* Contact information- You list how you want contacted
* Athlete to Agent Contact form emailed to you
* Web site maintenance
* Web page setup
* Web page modifications
* Paid ads for Agents by Pro Sports Group
* Information agents put on their bio must be accurate and confirm to PSG’s rules of conduct and appearance.

Member Quotes:

“Your site has been great. We are receiving lots of athletes’ calls and emails. We can now choose the best of those that meet our standards and still have more then we can handle. Again, Many Thanks.”

Premier Sports Management, Clinton Spencer

“Our lines are overwhelmed at times. You said it would be so but the reality is amazing. We are adding more lines to meet the demand.”

Integrity Sports Representation, LLC

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